Cap highlighting method

The "cap highlighting method” refers to the use of a plastic cap (frosting cap or tipping cap) that fits snugly over the skull. Thin locks of hair are then pulled through the cap using points that are marked on the cap. The number of “holes” used determines the amount of highlighting that takes place.

Tuesday Morning Fun!! Mini haicutting class

Tuesday Morning Fun!! Mini haicutting class. Students are learning how to do a magical texturizing technique to bring out volume in the crown area without any visible layering. Diamond sectioning will incorporate a decent amount of layering without losing the length, exactly what your guest is asking for : I want layers but I don't want to lose my length, can you achieve this for me?

Specials for February

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Staying on top of your craft

Staying on top of your craft is so important, it's what sets you apart from other stylist. We got to explore our creative side by using a new braiding technique to create an Ombré. By leaving different sections out of the braid we are creating a random pattern of lengths to leave the hair blended when undone and let free of the braid.


THE BALAYAGE REVOLUTION! Students are learning the new technique of hair painting. Balayage is different from traditional foil highlighting in many ways. We stand to the side of our sections painting from corner to corner on our paddle. By using the tip of our bristles, we apply the lightened with long, fluid brush strokes to achieve maximum coverage and even saturation. With the proper tension of the section and great pressure,  you will be able to paint the efficiently [...]

Canceling out unwanted warm tones and undertones.

We had a client come in who had removed red color from her hair and needed some help canceling out the brass that was left behind. With our students having knowledge of the color wheel we were able to determine what color series use to cancel out the unwanted warm undertones at the roots giving our client a nice natural looking blonde shadow root.


Mini EYELASH CLASS. Students learn how to create lush, natural looking lashes with individual weightless false lashes.These permanently curled lashes attach to your own lashes for extended wear. Select one lash at a time and gently dip the end into your glue dot. A little goes a long way, so don't overdo it. Close your eye and attach the lash to the existing lash line, making sure the curl is following along with the natural curve of lashes.

How to perm your hair…STEP BY STEP.. !

How to perm your hair...STEP BY STEP.. ! A permanent wave ,also known as a permanent, is a chemical hair treatment that can be used to add the curl and body to your hair.As a name implies, a perm is a permanently - you will grow out new hair that won't  be permed , but the rest of it will be curled for up to six months, and a little less curly still after that.